This Course is for Souls feeling called to courageously and visibly embody the new feminine paradigm in their business.


You focus on becoming a clear channel for creativity, inspiration, desire, and sensuality to visibly shine online.


I created this course because I know what it feels like to be afraid to fully shine in all of my feminine sensuality.


I know it can be easy to jump into business or projects or leadership and slowly feel cut off from that amazing feminine inspiration that wants so badly to have permission to SHINE at its Brightest.


I also have spent a great majority of my life learning and creating tools that have helped me to tap into that source of feminine creativity, so that I can feel safe, empowered, and fully ignited to live in radiant feminine sensuality and allow the fullness of my creativity to be ILLUMINATED~


And I want to share and teach this to you!!


I want you to be getting PAID to share your soul gifts with the world. Period.


This course will give you the tools you need to step into your next level platform as a personal brand, coach and/or space holder offering your soul gifts.


I am here to help you EMBODY your Sensual Success Strategy in your own projects, ideas, and business!!


So let’s Illuminate, shall we?


Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Clearly defining your message 
  • Step into powerful visibility to attract premium clients 
  • Activate your brilliant content marketing
  • Learn Fierce Love and Boundaries in your biz.
  • Tapping into a new paradigm of revolutionary feminine brand creation.
  • Embodying magnetism and attraction
  • Leaning back and leading your life in feminine energy
Launching into Full Permission
to embody the Genius of your Feminine Spirit.

The time is NOW to say YES to that beauty that is you,
and allow your life to be amplified with tools and techniques for awakening Sensual Success Strategy.

  • Online Course 

    -One Week of Prework

    -6 Facebook LIVES for each of the modules with Carla

    -2 Q&A Support Coaching Zoom Calls with Carla

    6 Pleasure Playlists!

    These playlists will be a guiding light as you explore deeper pleasure, passion, and purpose.


I enrolled in Sensual Success Strategy because it offered exactly what I needed: to be lead by a strong and visionary woman that would be honest, direct, and inspire me. At the time of enrollment, I was really looking for an opportunity to look for the tools that could help my situation because I was getting more and more tired. I felt like Carla intuitively knew my fears and would call them out so that I could see them in a more detached way that helped to understand them and then to let them go. Because of Sensual Success Strategy, I am able to be honest with myself without having so much fear of what i might see, because I know that through it, is my power.

Carla has a fire to expand. She wants to continue breaking down and dissolving blocks that are not true to the spirit. Her genius is all of the strategies that let her spirit free. I loved learning all of these strategies because I too desire to let my spirit be free! Carla offers a special coaching container because she intends to take you to the limiting patterns in your life and will offer you ways to break free from them.

- Ava Mae

"Before Sensual Success Strategy, I was caught in a very destructive cycle of indecision, self doubt and shame around health challenges I was facing. I enrolled in SSS because I saw a deep need within myself to grow and lean into the highest, most badass version of myself. I enrolled because I knew that this could only happen with the support from other women who were going through similar moments of growth and integration of this femme genius. Also, it was too painful to hide anymore and I knew that I would learn things that would help me to refine my desires and gifts into true offerings for this world.

Through Sensual Success Strategy I have found the courage to ask for big funding from potential investors and have aligned myself to write my next offering to both digest this intense healing path I have been on and to help others. My relationship is MUCH healthier as I am putting my own self love in a seat of HIGHEST importance and I am feeling healthier than I have in many months.

In SSS, I appreciated the emphasis on honoring our own gifts and the space we hold as feminine creators. I really appreciated the seamless integration of Carla’s sharing strategies and then watching her fearlessly share in that way in her own work channels. This was the most powerful… The Walking the walk.

For those of you on the fence about working with Carla, Certainly jump in. Her energy is contagious, light AND grounded. I love her bright energy and encouraging presence. There is a deep care, a playful wonder and a organized jedi who all come together in a beautifully expressive package. It is rare and fabulous. This medicine is very much needed in these times."

- Michelle Grambeau





Pay In Full Bonus =
60 Minute Private Coaching Session with Carla






Includes Full Access
To Sensual Success Strategy

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